The Worst Thing About Donald Trump is How the Media Treat Him with Crediblility

Donald Trump. In all honesty, I really wish I didn’t feel the need to write a blog about him. However, it would be impossible to find someone in the Western world who has not heard of him, so I guess I’ll use this to get things off my chest.

Well, this all seemed like a bit of a joke at the start. It probably should have been treated like one too. I’m sure the majority of people would have never thought his Presidential run would get this far. To think that he is just over a month away from becoming President of the USA, someone who is responsible for making some of the most important decisions that will affect our world, is truly frightening.

Personally, I think the worst thing about Donald Trump’s campaign is how the media has treated him as credible. Let’s go back to the very start, when he first announced his campaign. There are many qualities people look for when choosing a leader for their country. I think two of the most important ones would be someone with relevant political experience, and someone who can relate to the majority of the population, and their needs. Even from the start, when you look at Donald Trump from the outside, he does not fulfil either of these qualities. Firstly, he has NO political experience. With most jobs we apply for now, they expect you to have some sort of experience. I think this post sums it up…

Secondly, he is a billionaire. I’d understand if he had come from a difficult background, worked hard, and earned all that money, but he was already born into a rich family. Therefore, I felt he was someone who could not relate to the majority of the population, especially those most in need. To justify how out of touch he is, he even said ‘It has not been easy for me… My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars.’ If any of us average Joes said anything like this, or lacked the necessary experience when applying for a job, we would have been ripped to shreds and laughed out of the building.

However, Trump is no average Joe. Instead, the media treated him as pretty serious, and gave him a platform. Instead of highlighting his lack of political experience, the American media decided to focus on his net worth, and Fox News even described him as an ‘interesting player in the primary debate‘ when he first announced his Presidential bid. This was also the same speech where he said ‘[Mexico] are sending people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing drugs, and bringing crime, and their rapists.’

Yeah, forget the fact that he’s racist towards Mexicans, and let’s focus on his net worth why don’t we. Yet even as a businessman, he is not successful either, with many of his creations either abandoned or no longer being sold.

He is also a denier of climate change, saying it was created by the Chinese.

A few months passed and he gained more and more momentum, and then, AND THEN, came what was probably his most outrageous comment, calling for a shutdown on Muslims entering the United States. What I found most disturbing about the video was the standing ovation he received after he said this. In the 1940s, the Nazis were defeated in World War II, and it seemed like their toxic ideology was a huge stain on history that people did not want to revisit again. I did not think I would witness anything like that hate on such a major platform in my lifetime, until I saw Donald Trump’s speech.

He condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protestor at one of his rallies, saying ‘Maybe he should have been roughed up‘. Only last month, he finally accepted the fact that Barack Obama WAS born in America. He mocked a reporter with a disability. Don’t even get started on his sexist comments. Well, if you want to, you can check them all here

During the campaign for the Republican nomination, he insulted more or less all of his closest rivals, from calling Jeb Bush ‘Dumb as a rock’, to linking Ted Cruz’s father with the death of JFK. Many of the Republican candidates he insulted on his way to becoming their nomination have now gone from being his rivals to being his bitches (for lack of a better word) by endorsing Trump for the Presidency.

His debates with Hillary Clinton have been ugly. They have been more personal over politics. Amongst the many things he has said about her, he has hinted at having her assassinated. Yet Hillary Clinton was the one who expressed regret for calling half of Trump’s supporters ‘deplorable‘. (Damn right she should apologise, we can clearly see it is MORE than half… Did she even learn Maths???)

I have only posted SOME of the things Donald Trump has said during his Presidential campaign. If you want to see (almost) all the insults he has said (just on Twitter), you can check it out here.

In all honesty, (well certainly in the UK), if people were to post tweets similar to Donald Trump’s, they almost certainly would be arrested, even jailed for internet trolling or inciting racial hatred. Yet in the U.S. the media are not holding him truly accountable for his comments. Instead of initially laughing him off and treating his comments with ridicule, they gave him a platform and treated him as a credible candidate. And by doing that, they have basically told us that it is acceptable to be a racist. It is acceptable to discriminate against Muslims. It is acceptable to be sexist. It is acceptable to mock the disabled. It is acceptable to dismiss climate change as something invented by the Chinese.

The question we must ask ourselves now is do we really want someone like that to be the President of the USA? Although there is nothing I can do to affect the vote over there, I seriously hope America do not fuck this one up…








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